Baxtre is a standard application, but there are many possibilities for customisations. Two different types of customisations can be distinguished: prioritised and customer-specific developments .

Prioritised Developments

An example of this kind of customisation is the recently developed caps/floors module. Its development was prioritised on request of a customer who needed the functionality. Such a request, together with a contribution in the development-costs, may change the priority that is given to any item on Baxtre's to-be-developed-list. Another example is the recently added possibility for a user-definable format (US or EUR) for amounts and dates.

Prioritised modifications may relate to any part of Baxtre, as long as the result is in line with best practices and standardly applicable.

Customer-specific Developments

A good example of this kind of customisation is a customer-specific cash flow planning-module,where in most cases a customer's existing format (often in Excel) can be fully transcripted to Baxtre. Applied in a Global Baxtre a very interesting option indeed.

Customer-specific developments are possible in all parts of Baxtre, except in the base system.

Customisation Services

Customisation requires a project-oriented approach, to adequatedly manage the different phases, ranging from preliminary definition to final implementation, and all different competences involved.

The Baxtre Competence Centre Customisation Service covers the management of the entire project.