Functional Maintenance

In dynamic environments functional maintenance of a decision support system is extremely important. Masterfiles have to be kept up to date, databases cleared, system settings and rates used for calculations accurate, to mention a few examples. However, available time is often a constraint, especially in small treasuries. If this results in being far behind with necessary maintenance, the option to consider is to contract it out. The Baxtre Competence Centre offers several solutions.

Periodical Maintenance

The Baxtre Competence Centre offers the possiblity to subscribe to periodic functional maintenance. This secures that the entire system is regularly and expertly updated.

On-demand Maintenance

In this case maintenance service is available on-demand, while terms and conditions and rates are fixed for a year on an if and when basis. So, no commitments in advance, but certainty with regard to the costs.

Check-up Service

This is the ad-hoc alternative to contract maintenance out. First an inventory of files and settings that need maintenance has to be made. Then a maintenance program will be set-up and executed after approval. This solution is a necessity if functional maintenance is very far behind.