All expertise with regard to Baxtre implementations is concentrated in the Baxtre Competence Centre. The vast experience that has been accumulated over the years allows for unprecedented fast and professional implementations, whether initial or supplementary.
The Baxtre Competence Centre undertakes:

  • All initial Baxtre implementations for new customers;
  • Supplementary implementations of modules, system supplements, interfaces and customisations for existing customers;
  • Implementations of system version upgrades.

In case of a Baxtre-implementation for a new customer, the Baxtre Competence Centre will deliver a turn-key system, ready to work with. Implementation-time is unprecedented short. Depending on the size of the organisation, the number of bankaccounts/cash pools and the amount of historic data that needs to be entered into the system it may range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. This, of course, directly translates into very low implementation costs, compared with other treasury systems. Other implementations of for example netting or the roll-out of a Global Baxtre to regional treasuries and/or operating companies are equally dealt with as turn-key projects, to be (co)managed by the Baxtre Competence Centre. This also allows for adequate and timely integration of all training required into the project. (see training pages for more information)